Origami Owl vs. South Hill Designs

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I had one of my readers on the blog ask me why I chose South Hill Designs. Specifically, she wanted to know why I didn’t choose Origami Owl. I considered it. I even put myself on the waitlist. Origami Owl makes beautiful jewelry.

I was Designer in Waiting 19,918.

That’s a whole lot of waiting. My decision to join South Hill Designs wasn’t just about the wait list, though that is how I found South Hill Designs!

South Hill Designs v. Origami Owl

I grew very uncomfortable about the waiting and failure to fulfill customer orders. Over the past month or so there grew a six week wait on many Origami Owl customers’ orders, not to mention the waitlist. That, to me, is a totally unacceptable way to run a business. Waiting is one thing, but would I be comfortable taking money and orders for product I wasn’t sure I could deliver?

I could – and did – get started right away with South Hill Designs. I personally did not understand the need to spend ten months “planning” my direct sales business. I was looking to join a direct sales company as a consultant, preferably jewelry, and I wanted to do something different. I also wanted to meet new people!

I am thrilled with my choice. My company didn’t ask me to spend loads of money before getting started. Had I chosen, I could have started for just $29 (the new expanded South Hill Designs quick start package is $59, which is a more effective kit and still a minimal investment). I chose to have a larger inventory but there are many very successful artists that started with just a catalog. I also didn’t spend a dime on a conference for a business I didn’t have yet. That is a huge investment for such an uncertain outcome for a business that may or may not happen.

It’s not just about a waitlist!

Not only did South Hill Designs have the jewelry I liked (I changed my mind and signed up as soon as I saw the gear screens!), but they are open for business – fulfilling orders just as you would expect a direct sales business to do! You pick up the phone to call them — South Hill Designs answers. They are communicative with their Artists and constantly update us through multiple channels, including weekly webinars and our back office. I think they have the right experience and the right commitment to running a business.

South Hill Designs is budget friendly and has the right attitude. Every locket comes with a free basic chain. My customers love this and many still purchase an upgraded chain. Our company is constantly producing new charms and new items for us to market to people of all types. Check out the charms below that were just released – also read my South Hill Designs Blog for updated information)! Who doesn’t love a mustache? Alongside all the other offerings, South Hill Designs offers options that are little more funky, and that just totally matched my style.

And despite some trendy charms, I feel like the overall look is more salable to a wider range of people. It is so great that I can have my funky chunky necklace and my grandma can have her sweet sentimental locket! I love that all the crystals are Swarovski. It is a great selling point for me and also they are beautiful and brilliant. Each company offers its own floating locket range but besides that, the differences are pretty substantial. South Hill Designs is setting itself apart with frequent updates to our product line and excellent order fulfillment, as well as a different style! South Hill Designs New Charms

South Hill Designs also has better hostess rewards and an excellent compensation plan. Hostesses can earn free and half priced items and my hostesses have been earning a ton of free jewelry. I also liked that you could start with South Hill for a minimal cost and build your inventory from there (contact me and ask me to see the $59 kit scenario!). If someone is interested in joining for a small fee, I can make that happen! Whether you go with a smaller kit or a larger kit, it ships right away, usually in 3-5 days. I also really love that orders submitted directly to South Hill Designs are distributed to local Artists living near the new customer. South Hill Designs isn’t competing with me!

Now, like any popular company, South Hill occasionally has out of stock items, which we are notified of promptly. Sometimes it’s just sold out, other times they are revamping the product line (like moving chain production to the USA).

Join me & my South Hill Designs team

If you are tired of waiting, love all the other benefits I have highlighted, and want to start your own custom locket business, contact me and consider joining my South Hill Designs team. I am growing an awesome team with some really fantastic Artists!

It has been so easy to start. And I have found that I have been saying yes. Yes I will meet you for a party, yes I’ll teach VBS, yes I will expand my horizons. I have an awesome team with tons of resources and I would love for you to be a part of it! You can read about my mentoring philosophy here. If you like my style, I’ll probably like yours. It’s a mutual selection process and I am committed to building my team, but I am very laid back. Always available, but not in your face. I am there to answer your questions and help encourage you through the process of promoting to Artist.

I love my company and have been very successful with my socials and with the Artists below me. I personally didn’t find waiting to be in my own best business interests. Perhaps you do, and that’s okay if that is your choice (you are reading this right now to make a choice, I totally understand that!). There are, as I indicated above, many many reasons to choose South Hill Designs. I answer each and every email completely and honestly. Feel free to contact me for more information, to ask a question, or to chat!